Sunday, 22 February 2009

In order to fulfil Assesment Objectives 2 and 3 I researched music magazines in order to identify their generic charecteristics.

This double page spread is from the music magazine NME (new musical express). NME is a mainstream magazine; this means that it has articles in it that will appeal to many audiences. The image in this double page spread is of a band named ‘the teenagers’ the image consists of three males, they have casual wear on and are slouched on a sofa, with many posters and pictures behind them, the connotations of this could be to show that they are just like usual people, and do usual things, although they are in a band they are shown doing usual things. Other things that are denoted on the cover are, in bold black letters it says ‘the teenagers’ this it to show what this article is about, above ‘the teenagers’ it says NME LOVES, this makes the reader more intrigued as it makes us believe that they are a good band, because if NME loves them we should to. There is also a little box in the left hand corner of the page saying ‘need to know’ this will also catch the reader’s attention because it makes us think that we need to know what it says in the box. It follows on with information about the teenagers. There is an article on the teenagers. There is also a column on the right hand side that says ‘everyone is talking about’ this would interest the reader as if everyone is talking about it, you must read it to be in ‘the know’ Colours use on this page are black blue and white they have used these colours all through, as if they used more colours the page would be too hectic. There is some stereotyping in this magazine for example when it says ‘Of course we’re a sexual band. We’re the teenagers and that’s all they think about’. This shows stereotyping as not all teenagers are engaged in sexual activities nor are they thinking of sexual activities.