Thursday, 2 April 2009

Treatment (head up with name of your Magazine (in capitals with the names of Production team beneath).
Synopsis: A sentence that summarises your piece of work
Detail of target audience: Audience profile – age, gender, etc.
Photography Design: To indicate locations/characters and actors/ costume and props. You MUST identify whether the photographs are for front cover/contents/main article needsInterview/Article: To indicate what you are writing – do you have to interview anyone?
Research: into article layout and style?
Initial Recce considerations: Health and Safety Notes, possible locations.
Production Schedule: Your production schedule is a timetable detailing what tasks you need to complete in order to finish your final production. A blank template for this is available on Moodle. If you are taking photographs in M236, for example, the evacuation assembly point in the event of fire or other emergency is the Front Football Pitch and the nearest First Aider is Vicky Rowntree in M138 or one of the Sports Staff in SD3.

Emma louise Wilkinson (me)
Sean Timmins
Dale Haddrick
Hayley Copeman
Ricky Snodgrass
Zanib Malik
Stacy Duty
Synopsis: my magazine will be a dance magazine therefore it will be aimed at a niche Market.

Detail of target audience: The target audience for my magazine will be between the ages of 16-24, they will be people who are interested in going out to clubs (I realize that 16 year old is a young age for this magazine but 16 year olds still go out drinking no matter whether they are old enough or not). It is aimed at a mix gender. They will be people who are into music therefore they may want to know about the latest albums out and music kits, therefore these things will be advertised within the magazine.

Photography design: The location I will be doing my photography in is the media room in TRC, this is a room where I could fit a backdrop in. The characters I will be using to photograph will be, Sean Timmins, Dale Haddrick, Hayley Copeman, Ricky Snodgrass, Zanib Malik and Stacy Duty. For the front cover I will use Sean Timmins, he will be wearing a bright coloured top with a white jacket over it, this is so that I can put writing over his body and still beable to see it (making the body less busy with colours). The other charecters will be used for the contents page and front cover, they will be wearing clothes that you would expect to see people out of this town in (such as dresses etc.) The double page spread will be wrote as an interview.

Research: to research for my magazine I went on the internet on a website for mixmag which is a dance magazine. These are the images I found to base my magazines on.

I also researched my 2 initial ideas of magazines on my blog to see which one people felt it was best that I did.

Safety: To make sure that whilst I am taking my pictures everyone within the production is safe I have researched and know where the nearest first aiders are to the room I will be using. In the event of a fire or any other emergencies is the football pitch at the front of the college. The nearest first aiders are in rooms M138 and SD3

Production schedule:
01.04.09- Make sure all draft contents page, double page spread and front cover are done and uploaded onto moodle.
24..04.09- make sure all images are taken for the drafts and upload them
30/04/09- add the images and texts to my drafts.