Sunday, 20 September 2009

Blackstreet - Dont leave me.

Semiotic analysis of a music video. Blackstreet - Don't leave me.
Blackstreet are and American band founded in the early 90's. Their song "don't leave me" was released in 1997,and peaked on the hot 100 airplay. The video focuses more on performance than narrative although we don't see the band actually perform on a stage throughout the video the band are shown singing into a microphone in a recording studio and we also seethem singing as a band to the camera on a set. There is also some story in this video an example of this would be when one person out of the band is carrying a photo through what appears to be countryside. There are also photo's shown ofcouples through out the video. They mostly use close up shots and medium close up shots. this is so that we can see the expression in the artists face. This tells us (the viewers) how to feel whilst watching the music video. For example during the video there is a closeup of a man sat on some photos, his face gives us the impression that he is not only upset but alsoexhausted i know this because we see him release his attention through a sigh. The lighting in the video is dark and gloomy at points such as when the band are in the the recording studio. This connotesto the viewer sadness. When the band are performing on a set to the viewers, there is bright lights and the bandare all wearing white suits this connotes happiness and also gives the band a glow as if to show theviewers that these people are good people. I am now going to talk about the editing in this video. The cuts in this video are in time with the music, this is so not to confuse the viewers because if the cuts were not in timing with the music this would be of putting. there are many cuts and when the pace of the song gets faster so do the cuts.