Monday, 28 September 2009

KTA2 Media homework.

For this homework i am going to textual analyse another short film. The short film i am going to analyse is Black Button. This short film is about greed, about a man who is givin the opotunity to win a large sum of money, but only if he presses a button which will the kill one person in the world. In the end the man presses the button and then finds out he is in actual fact he is dead and due to the fact that he pressed the button he is now going to hell.

The short film has an equilibrium, this is where the man is being told about his 'task' and reward. The disequilibrium is where the man is being persuaded and pushed to press the button by the 'big man' and the New equilibrium is where he finds out in actual fact that he is dead.

^equilibrium ^disequilibrium ^new equilibrium.
There have been repretsentational codes put into this short film to give what Stuart Hall (1980) calls a dominant or preffered reading, this means that the text producers want the audience to understand the short film the way they intended us too. The costumes used and props used are what give us these preffered meetings. The costumes used are suits, these give us the impression that they are business men, and during the film the older man makes a business proposition. The props used are a table and chair the chair is large and gives the conotation of authority and imporance.
The lighting used is bright and high key this is done because the idea of death is linked in with light, therefore the producers use high key lights to give us the idea of death and heaven. The producers also use close up shots to give the audience an idea of how the charecters are feeling.
The sound in this short film is diegetic this means that the origin of the sound is located in the story, an example of this is the voices of the actors (dialogue)