Monday, 28 September 2009

short film analysis.

The short film i have chosen to analyse is Vierden. This is a short film about two neighbours who do not get on and decide to pull tricks on eachother for instance one of the nieghbours puts concrete slabs infront of the other nieghbours door, which means the other neighbour can then not get out.

As Tzvetan Tordorov Suggest in his theory of narrative structure stories basically work with a beggining a middle and an end (not always in that order). The Equilibrium of this short film is the neighbours really dont get on and there is a fuede between the two. The Diseuilibrium is when one of the neighbours kills the other neighbours cat. The New equilibrium is that the two neighbours start to become nicer and go to make up but one of then gets killed.

There have been representational codes put into this video to give us a doniminant or preffered reading (this means that the producer 's put certain things into there video to give the audience a meaning) Stuart Hall (1980). The things that give us these views are things such as costumes and props. Durin this film The men often carry briefcases this Denotes that the men are normal business men who have to have a job to carry out there lives, this shows us that they are middle class men. The walls of the mens house's are very plain and white the denotes the thought that they are boring people and they may not have wifes because stereotypically the decor is picked by women

There are many negative images for males in this short film. We see many stereotypes for example men are thought to have bad tempers a lot of the time and we also think of men as very competative, during this short film we see these representations of men.

At the begining of the film we see a establishing shot of the house's that these two neighbours live in, this is done to show the viewer where the filmining is taking place.

The shot types are mainly medium close up, this is so that the audience can see how the actors feel, this is done in this film because most of the time the actors are either angry or upset. The reason the viewer needs to see this is so that they can relate to the man.

I can no find any evidence on this video of the diegisis being broken (this is the world in which the story takes place and if any editing is off timing or too obvious the diegisis is broken).

The sound in this short film is all non-diagetic this means that the sounds experienced is not explained in the story worls there for the music that we here is not coming from the diegises it is put over the film to enhance the shows action. There is also no dialogue in this film, this means the producer has had to work extra hard to make the story line good.