Monday, 28 September 2009

Music video analysis.

The music video i have decided to analyse is Whitney houston - it's not right but it's ok I enjoy whitney houston's music and video's because most of her work is very 'womanly' and feminist and i enjoy this kind of music as i agree with femininst's (in the fact that all men are nasty). This song is about a woman who stays at home for her man and finds out he's been cheating and shes saying that she can live without him because she has a lot of willpower.

The setting for this video are in a very dark room where the only surroundings you can see is a desk which she sits at sometimes.

The cosumes and location of this video help to create representation. For example Whitney houston is wearing all black and the room is very dark. The conotations of Whitney wearing black is that black is often used at funerals (deaths) this denotes that it is the 'death' of her relationship with this man. Black often symbolises:

  • power

  • mystery

  • evil

  • emptiness

  • seriousness

Whitney Houston also user's dancers in her video, typically in a music video if it is a female singing they will usually use men to dance, but due to this video being anti-male she uses all female dancers. This type of musix/video also often uses low cut clothing for the male's gaze (laura mulvey).

The dancing shown in the video is minimul compared to other music videos but when she does dance she uses alot of hand gestures to give of a 'diva' look asif she is not bothered about what has happened to her, because she can live on.

The ligting in the video is low key to give the conotation of dark sinfulness. Also throughout this music video there are many close up shots of Whitney where she doesnt smile or show many facial expressions, this is done to show the audience how she feels


This video is a great representation to the lyrics of the song.